Color And Movement


Color And Movement


Ita Wegman International Institute



The Project

Brazilian culture is short-sighted and in terms of health, the dominant belief is that medicine controls health. In this context, the Color and Moviment project seeks to contribute to the construction of knowledge and scientific reliability towards an integrative practice that is complementary to anthroposophical medicine, the artistic medical therapy methodology proposed by Liane Collot d’Herbois, based on the principles of Light, Color and Darkness. The scientific research, its insertion into the academic environment and the extent to which it makes up the project, aims to highlight artistic therapeutic intervention as an alternative, non-medicated and low-cost health resource, thus expanding the possibilities of achieving a better quality of life and health for the Brazilian people.


– Recruit patients and submit them to a therapeutic experience based on the Light, Color and Darkness principles proposed by Liane Collot d`Herbois.

– Generate consistent and representative information to prove the efficiency of the methodology used.

– Develop a thesis and articles for the consolidation of therapy as a scientific tool.

– To formalize the connection for the person responsible for the project as a master’s student at Escola Paulista de Medicina.


– Support for a group of 16 patients, who obtained the therapeutic intervention according to the principles of light, color and darkness.

– Implementation of remote initiatives to disseminate the Liane Collot d’Herbois principles.

– Enrollment of the person responsible for the project in the Master’s program at Escola Paulista de Medicina.


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