Anthroposophic Pharmacy In Public Health Care (Sus)


Anthroposophic Pharmacy In Public Health Care (Sus)


Yochanan Community Association


São João Del Rei – MG



The Project

The focus of this project is on the production and distribution of anthroposophic medicines for the Basic Health Units of the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde, or the public health care system) in São João del Rei (Minas Gerais state). Created with the intention of bringing anthroposophical medicine to the popular environment, Yochanan also works to encourage biodynamic agriculture and provides pedagogical support to Blue Butterfly Daycare, among other activities. The Anthroposophic Pharmacy project is carried out at the Anthroposophical Medicine Reference Center (CRMA).


– Acquisition of raw materials (matrixes) and glassware for the compounding pharmacy.

– Management of pharmaceutical professionals who work in the handling and development process.

– Seek to expand the distribution of medicines, beyond São João del Rei.


– Total control and records of medication production, purchases of materials for the compounding pharmacy, control of medication supply for CRMA patients.

– In addition to São João del Rei, the distribution of medicines was extended to the social outpatient clinic of the Brazilian Association of Anthroposophic Medicine (ABMA-MG).