Since being founded in 2007, the Mahle Institute has mobilized people and entities around initiatives that seek human development in its spiritual, psychic and organic essence, and the integration of human beings with nature and the universe. For this, the Institute possesses anthroposophical concepts as its starting point, in accordance with the vision of Rudolf Steiner. Para isso, o Instituto tem como ponto de partida os conceitos antroposóficos, conforme a visão de Rudolf Steiner.

Um destes conceitos – “Doe hoje – com a visão para amanhã” – orienta as atividades do Instituto Mahle. Esta ideia central fundamenta a busca pelo objetivo de um futuro melhor por meio do apoio a ações inovadoras voltadas aos mais vulneráveis e necessitados. Entidade promotora dos direitos humanos, o Instituto Mahle foca sua atuação principalmente nas áreas de Saúde, Agricultura, Educação, Arte e Cultura, assessorando e apoiando ações e projetos que promovam cuidados com saúde, educação de crianças e jovens, além da formação profissional de adultos e do apoio a pesquisas, entre outras iniciativas. O Instituto atua no país como um braço de seu principal fomentador, a MAHLE-STIFTUNG (FUNDAÇÃO MAHLE), sediada em Stuttgart, Alemanha.

Established in 1964 by the brothers Hermann and Ernst Mahle with the goal of contributing to social progress, the MAHLE FOUNDATION has operated since its origin, in a way that is totally aligned with Anthroposophy. The institution supports social responsibility projects geared towards people, nature and the environment. In most cases, the institution provides initial funding for these projects, but also subsidizes long-term initiatives.

Over the course of its history, the MAHLE FOUNDATION has expanded its operations to countries such as Japan, Poland, Romania and Brazil.


Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1920, the MAHLE Group soon established itself as synonymous with quality and innovation in auto parts. Today, the MAHLE product portfolio covers all the crucial aspects of transmission and air conditioning technology.

The MAHLE Group is committed to making transport more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable by prioritizing the continuous optimization of the combustion engine, pushing forward with the use of alternative fuels and laying the groundwork for the wide acceptance and worldwide implementation of e-mobility.

The MAHLE Group is present in more than 30 countries, with approximately 72,000 employees spread over 160 production sites and 12 large research and development centers. Currently, half of all vehicles in the world contain MAHLE components.

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Managing Partner, Mahle Foundation
Stuttgart, Germany

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