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The Project

Motivated by the need to address the needs of children and adolescents in Uruçuca, in the south of Bahia, the Moon Circus project seeks to help in the integral development of these young people through different disciplines of art education, in addition to offering a space for conviviality, integration and inclusion within the community. For children from 3-6 years old, the project bets on storytelling, theatrical games and the initiation to art in order to develop motor coordination, and stimulate creativity and imagination. For children from ages seven to teenagers, they are offered the theory and practice of music with different instruments. Due to the pandemic, many of the activities were adapted to the virtual world and despite the loss of face-to-face interaction, video classes made it possible to serve students in different conditions and in a personalized way.


– Serving children and adolescents as a way of guaranteeing the right to access art, culture, leisure, sports and healthy living, with the ultimate aim of developing citizenship.

– Keeping in touch with students and their families, even during mandatory social distancing.

– Meeting the urgent needs of families in a time of pandemic crisis, through a campaign to donate food, books, clothes and toys.


– 110 students enrolled in video classes between May and August, increasing to 146 in October via both virtual and face-to-face classes (with a small number of students), and finally 198 students in November.

– 150 people were assisted weekly with the food delivery initiative.

– Creation of several audiovisual productions, with emphasis on a special end-of-year video that includes a retrospective of all the students’ activities during the period.

– Successful approach with the students’ families and improvement in the quality of classroom classes, which, due to the reduced number of students, obtained greater use of time and learning progress.