The artistic experience in the education of the individual


The artistic experience in the education of the individual


Paideia Cultural Association


São Paulo – SP



The Project

A public cultural space located in the South Zone of the city of São Paulo, Paideia’s main focus is theater aimed at children and teenagers. This Association project uses the experience of theater as a tool to give voice to these young people, taking into account their peculiar way of understanding the world, with classes on theatrical practices, dramaturgy, choir, and experiences with lighting and costumes. The work has been developed for over a decade with students from EMEF Carlos de Andrade Rizzini, using but not aiming at the training of actors, but rather, providing, through concrete theatrical experience, the expansion of the number of young people who are passionateabout theater.


– Catalyzing children and adolescents to become, in their community, cascaders of knowledge and theatrical performance as tools for social inclusion and the expansion of cultural perspectives.

– Expand from the project to the E.E. Odete Maria de Freitas, in the municipality of Embu das Artes (São Paulo state).

– Bolster the Theater Experience group for Teachers.

– Deepen and consolidate the experience of Teatro Aberto (Open Theatre), a program in which the theatrical experience is expanded to before and after the show, offering the child the opportunity of a true and shared experience of the pleasure of creating and discovering theatre production.


– Presentation of three plays at EMEF Carlos de Andrade Rizzini, with the participation of 180 children and teenagers in total. Today, the project with this particular school allows the child to have contact with theater in the first year, by following and participating in the creative process, watching Paideia plays and, if desired, being part of the theatrical experience group.

– Presentation of three plays at E.E. Odete Maria de Freitas, with the participation of 110 children and teenagers in total. The school also participated in the Paideia International Festival.

– The Theater Experience group for Teachers has not only become a consistent group with regard to the relationship with theater production, but has also been involved with the Paideia project as a whole. The group gathers about 30 teachers weekly, all of whom are committed to the belief of the importance of taking their students to the theater. Therefore, it has recruited a large number of children and teenagers to attend Paideia plays.

– Teatro Aberto has reached more than 570 children and teenagers with its innovative proposal of the expanded theatrical experience, through nine theatrical plays presented in different locations during this period.