Consolidation And Expansion Of The CSA Brasil Network


Consolidation And Expansion Of The CSA Brasil Network


CSA Brazil Community Association


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The Project

CSA Brasil is a non-profit organization that supports the creation and sustainability of agricultural units based on the Communities that Sustain Agriculture concept, through which farmers and co-farmers (consumers) enable integrated systems of production and consumption of healthy and biodynamic agricultural foods. The project developed by CSA Brasil aims to strengthen and expand the network of CSA units, through awareness-raising lectures, workshops, training courses for multipliers and consultancy activities. The initiative also enables the exchange of experiences between existing agricultural units and those undergoing training.


– Raise awareness of farmers and co-farmers about the importance and relevance of the CSA concept.

– Bringing consumers and farmers closer together to create relationships of appreciation that lead to the creation of new CSA units, thus enabling more people to have access to locally grown high quality and nutritionally valuable agricultural products, avoiding food waste and the additional costs of transport and packaging.

– Foster the exchange of experiences between existing units and those in formation.

In addition, the project has a Espiritual Objective:to awaken the understanding of rural land as being a living organism, part of a universe that values the coexistence between plants, animals, human beings and the land itse. A Social Objective:to enable the creation of a closer relationship between farmers and co-farmers, with understanding and mutual benefits, in additon to an Economic Objective:to diversify products and guarantee the family farmer

a fair income, provided directly by the co-farmers who, in turn, have access to healthy food at fair prices, free from middlemen and market speculation.


– 17% growth in the number of CSA units in Brazil.

– Significant growth in the number of consultations at CSA units by people interested in organic/biodynamic food from family farming.

– Exponential increase in the demand for CSA Brasil via social networks and traditional service channels.

– The execution of 64 awareness-raising lectures, participation in 14 congresses as well as symposia as needed.

– Eight training courses for multipliers.