Itaci Integrative Pediatrics Unit – 2021


Itaci Integrative Pediatrics Unit – 2021


Child Foundation


São Paulo – SP



The Project

Integrative and complementary practices can prevent distress, promote or recover health, in addition to emphasizing welcoming listening, the development of the therapeutic bond and the integration of the human being with the environment and society. The Children’s Cancer Treatment Institute (ITACI) identified a latent and repressed demand in the application of these practices for health promotion aimed at children and adolescents with chronic and complex diseases. With the implementation of the Integrative Pediatrics Unit, it is expected to start a new care modality at ITACI, focused on promoting health and quality of life through practices such as Mindfulness and Music Therapy.


– Implement the Integrative Pediatrics Unit at ITACI to promote the integral health of pediatric patients.

– Offer better health care, especially with regard to mental health, family-patient binomial, reduction of medication use and promotion of physical and nutritional health.


– Assistance to inpatients in an oncology hospital unit and outpatients via video call, directly benefiting 300 pediatric patients with oncological and chronic diseases.

– Production of relevant scientific knowledge on the subject of integrative pediatrics and dissemination of knowledge for health professionals and the general public.