Rhythmic Massage Course - Deepening II


Rhythmic Massage Course – Deepening II


Asklepios – Rhythmic Massage Association


São Paulo – SP



The Project

Rhythmic massage incorporates principles of Anthroposophy and can assist in the treatment of a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. The Deepening Course II was designed as a follow up to two previous projects, the Deepening Course I and the Training Course for Trainers. The course started in February 2020, as planned, but the planned modules were canceled due to the pandemic and social isolation measures. The alternative was to start a biweekly online work to review the face-to-face module, which also included a presentation regarding studies on medicinal plants and biographies. To complete the training, it is still necessary to carry out three modules, in which participants will continue with the study of pathologies through medical lectures, the practice of specific forms of treatment, the study of anamnesis with the presentation of clinical cases and group work.


– Increase the number of therapists working with Rhythmic Massage and the number of trainers to work in other regions of Brazil and in Latin America.

– Expand the knowledge and technique to understand and treat a wide range of diseases.


– 12 hours of classes for practicing and learning the technique.

– 10 hours of clinical case studies (online).

– 3 hours of Eurythmy classes.