NUPEC – Center for Teaching, Research and Consulting – Angela House


NUPEC – Center for Teaching, Research and Consulting – Angela House


Blue Mountain Community Association


São Paulo – SP



The Project

Focusing on the consolidation of Teaching, Research and the Consulting Center (NUPEC) at Angela House – Humanized Birth Center, a reference to maternal and child health care located in the south of São Paulo, this project focuses on teaching activities, research support and consultancy. Health professionals, educational institutions and health services are the target audience of this project.


– In the area of Education, establish permanent education programs for external professionals on the premises of Angela House, for professionals on the premises of other institutions/hospitals, and for the House’s care team.

– In the Research Support area, implement electronic data collection systems and flows, in addition to defining assistance and social indicators for the purpose of monitoring the quality of assistance provided by the House, among other activities.


– For professionals outside the House, 15 participants embarked on an immersion course with a workload of 4 theoretical hours plus eight shifts of 12 hours. In additon, there were eight practical-theoretical workshops, with 56 participants as well as practical-theoretical courses with a workload of 16-20 hours for 12 professionals.

– For the House’s assistance team, 15 activities were carried out, totaling 90 hours of teaching for 143 employees.

– Six technical visits were carried out for health service managers, professionals in the area, students and teachers, with the presentation of the Angela House model for 264 participants, in addition to 44 interns and residents who also became acquainted with the model.