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Mama’s House


Mama Ekos


Maués – AM



The Project

In Maués, a municipality in the interior of Amazonas, there are very high rates of obstetric and domestic violence

and poorly attended pregnancies. In this scenario, Mama Ekos is comprised of a maternal network by tradition alongside midwives, artisans, pregnant women, leaders and employees, through meetings, exchanges of knowledge and listening. Planned and built collectively, Casa da Mama is a maternal village amidst nature and traditions, idealized as a welcoming place for pregnant women, parents and families, respecting nature and local culture. The Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible to carry out most face-to-face activities, leading to more virtual meetings and assistance via telephone; even with the changes imposed by the situation, excellent results were achieved.


– Welcoming indigenous pregnant women, from small riverside communities, the municipality of Maués through a multidisciplinary care network.

– Promote the union and empowerment of traditional indigenous and riverside community midwives.

– Strengthen the traditional knowledge and masters of motherhood and art, as well as the use of natural medicines.

– Consolidate Mama’s House as a reference space for maternal care and cultural appreciation.


– 2,400 hours of individual assistance to pregnant women and parents.

– 320 hours of educational planting activities involving small groups of midwives with their families, who learned how to prepare the soil, change seedlings, etc.

– 54 hours of updating, exchanges of experience and reception between midwives, artisans and apprentices (online study group and occasional small face-to-face meetings).