Seminar On Emergency Education And Humanitarian Responses – Colombia


Seminar On Emergency Education And Humanitarian Responses – Colombia


Association of Emergency Pedagogy in Brazil


Bogotá – CO



The Project

Since 2017, more than 3 million Venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries due to the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, severe food shortages and political conflict, with Colombia being one of the main countries of arrival for Venezuelan immigrants. The project consists of holding two seminars in Colombia, one in Cúcuta and the other in Bogotá, with the aim of articulating, mobilizing and training humanitarian agencies, teachers, educators, local people and leaders with content on Emergency Pedagogy, so that they can offer better emotional support. and pedagogy to refugee children and adolescents from Venezuela.


– Train professionals and volunteers in Emergency Pedagogy and Trauma Pedagogy Module 1 content to expand theoretical and technical knowledge about psychotraumatology.

– Improve pedagogical practices with refugee children and adolescents from Venezuela.

– Promote dialogue between international organizations from Brazil, Colombia, Norway and the United States, as well as government representatives and local leaders to improve crisis response actions.


– Development of Module 1 – Psychotraumatology Advanced Training Cycle of Emergency Pedagogy, with the training of 500 agents from the organizations and communities involved.

– 30 hours of practical workshops on mental and emotional health and protection of children and adolescents in emergency contexts, pedagogy of living, sports and education.

– Improved articulation of local and international actors to qualify support for the affected population, bringing together institutions and people involved in emergency situations and humanitarian responses in the field of education, health, protection and social service.