Celebrating 100 Years Of Waldorf Pedagogy


Celebrating 100 Years Of Waldorf Pedagogy


Federation of Waldorf Schools of Brazil (FEWB)


São Paulo – SP



The Project

In 2019, Waldorf Pedagogy celebrated 100 years of the application and dissemination of Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy. To commemorate, FEWB developed this project involving students and teachers in different spaces of the Luiz de Queiróz Higher School of Agriculture (ESALQ) in Piracicaba, São Paulo state. The initiative included conferences, lectures, plenary sessions, study workshops, a bazaar for the sale of Anthroposophy publications, and the launch of a book and a film, prepared specifically for this occasion.


– Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Waldorf Pedagogy in Brazil.

– To encourage and advance the understanding of the anthropological foundations of Waldorf Pedagogy: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School and High School.

– Share and study the book of the first lectures given by Rudolf Steiner, “General Study of Man”, through theoretical-artistic workshops.

– Share and promote the film “Free Play in Waldorf Gardens.”

– Launch the book “Paths Taken,” with the report collected in schools that apply to Waldorf Pedagogy.


– 12 theoretical-artistic workshops taught by young Waldorf teachers, reaching 530 educators.

– Released the film “Play Free in Waldorf Gardens” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvkQo1ghwts&t=783s) on social media, with 15,723 views on Facebook and 11,084 on YouTube.

– 1,110 printed copies of the book “Paths Taken”, distributed to the 93 Waldorf schools in Brazil that are affiliated with FEWB.