Maramar: Transition And Transformation


Maramar: Transition And Transformation


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The Project

The Maramar Community School, located on the Maraú Peninsula, in the south of Bahia, has been in existence since 2016 and serves children in the community, most of them belonging to low-income families and socioeconomically vulnerable. The School is inspired by the Waldorf Pedagogy, other innovative pedagogies and local knowledge, seeking to promote autonomy and social transformation through education. This project aims to expand and consolidate the School’s activities, in addition to training new educators in Waldorf Pedagogy. Due to the pandemic, several activities had to be reviewed and adapted from their initial plans. Still, the project’s progress has been significant.


– Transform E.C. Maramar into a public school, at the legal, administrative and financial levels.

– Train up to seven teachers to work with the Waldorf Pedagogy and other tools.

– Engage and delight the families of all students in order to build a strong school community.

– Improve self-esteem and stimulate creativity through music.

– Practice group awareness through the recognition of cultural diversities and through artistic and expressive experiences.


– Escola Maramar has become a community school linked to the Department of Education of Maraú, with innovative pedagogical elements.

– The first training module in Waldorf Pedagogy was taught online.

– Creation of Rádio Maré, a new channel of communication with the families of students. A podcast with four episodes, Rádio Maré brought information about the pandemic, as well as education, interviews, music and poetry.

– A food Donation Campaign for the School’s low-income families, which benefited 70 families during a five-month period.

– 140 people directly benefited by the project (125 students, plus 15 employees and directors) along with 420 people benefitting indirectly (students’ families and school employees).