Young Carpenters


Young Carpenters


Roots of Making Institute


Capão Bonito – SP



The Project

A carpentry training program for socially vulnerable teenagers aged 14 to 18 in the municipality of Capão Bonito (São Paulo state), this project teaches basic carpentry skills in a friendly and safe environment. Activities, based on the Waldorf pedagogy, include the design and production of woodworking kits and training in product development. The ASSIM (Association of Woodworkers of the Municipality of Capão Bonito) building is the space used as a carpentry workshop for the project.


– Offer young people the possibility of a professional-type activity, stimulating entrepreneurship and personal growth.

– Provide 24 regional locations for teenagers, with access to content such as furniture construction, bee boxes for beekeeping, and construction of raw eucalyptus panels.

-Encourage young people to believe in their potential, in their ability to grow professionally, financially and as a human being.


– At the conclusion of the 395 hours planned for the project, the young people will have been exposed to an opportunity for professional training, with a focus on personal and social development.

– Preliminary training for the job market, collaborating in the demand of professionals from micro and small furniture, custom furniture and carpentry companies in Capão Bonito.