Recognizing Yourself Falcon


Recognizing Yourself Falcon


Instituto Gerando Falcões


Poá – SP



The Project

Most of the teachers and educators of the Gerando Falcões organization are or were slum dwellers and have transformed their lives and their personal stories. Started in January 2021, the Recognizing Yourself Falcon project is geared towards providing these professionals with moments of learning, reflection and improvement, with regard to their self-knowledge and professional practices. By directly benefiting the approximately 60 teachers, coordinators, monitors, pedagogues and psychosocial staff, more than 1,600 children and adolescents living in slums and the city outskirts who carry out activities at Gerando Falcões will be indirectly impacted.


– Improve and facilitate the learning process of education professionals regarding different strategies aligned with the Waldorf Pedagogy framework and related to the educational pillars of Gerando Falcões.

– Provide tools for educators to have a humanized and individualized performance and operation, developing socio-emotional skills in children and teenagers within the favela.


– Awareness of educators regarding the need to develop educational skills and their particular features.

– Dissemination of the Waldorf Pedagogy and socio-emotional skills and competences.

– Greater meaning, awareness and protagonism of all those involved in the transformative process of learning.